Created in 1880 this 132 year old fragrance from the house of Borsari is sharply elegant. White linen suits and Borsolano hats in the spring along the Tiber come to mind. It fairly pops glorious with its lemon opening then moves into an intriguing germanium that is never too sweet thanks to the sandalwood notes. The musk and oak finish it off nicely like an espresso at a cafe in the Piazza Novona just after midnight. Pure joy and gets lots of warm complements. This scent is certainly a uni-sex fragrance and the new bottle is classically cut glass and feels good in the hand.

Five Platinum Stars *****

(This was my first review back on February 24th 2012. I was very unsure of just how to write about fragrances so I went with how a scent made me feel. My reviews have grown in that direction ever sense. I do talk about the notes and silage and longevity but my major trust is on the emotions a scent brings to me…and memories. The sense of smell is so intertwined with memory.)

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